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What is Product School?
Product School is a for-profit tech business school founded by Carlos González de Villaumbrosia in 2014. 1st tech business school offering certificates in Product Management in 20 campuses across the world and Online. #ProdMgmt 🌏📚
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Product School tech stack

We're aware of 4 technologies that Product School is built with. Product School utilizes products like Next.js, Google Tag Manager in their tech stack

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Future of Product Management Report 2023
How will Product Managers and companies adapt and overcome the challenges we face? We surveyed thousands of Product Leaders and we have the answers! Get the Fourth Annual Future of Product Management Report 👉
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Future of Product Management Report 2022
The third annual Future of Product Management report reveals the insights all Product Pros need to know. Read it and connect with the Makers to discover why now is the best time in history to build digital products, no matter your background!
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