Your Favorite tool for Remote work?

Mayank Mishra
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Hey PH community! Most of us have been working remotely since the covid took off last year and some of us have been working remotely even before that. I personally started working remotely last year in March and since then I have tried many different tools to help me with my productivity, communication, and overall outcome. I have tried and came across some really good tools in the last year, here are the top ones: Slack Notion 2.0 Loom Zoom among others! what are the tools that make remote work possible for you?


Mayank Mishra
would love to know your favorite tools @rrhoover
Manjunath Somashekar
A bit of a self plug - Poppins - helps us make slack actionable
Dorothy Faulkner
There is hardly any student or college graduate who is skillful in writing resumes. I am not an exception, but I have been fortunate to come across It is an excellent platform worth time.
robiul haque
Connect and collaborate while working remotely, Connect work across all your tools etc.
David J. Kim
I mean it'd have to be Slack itself, but I'd say Jira just helps keeps things organized and you can measure team performance pretty accurately there.
Manjunath Somashekar
@between_team - we use Slack a lot but when you start using it a lot, it becomes a finding a needle in the haystack problem. Would love to know your workflow for creating and managing action items coming via Slack messages in Jira
Mayank Mishra
@between_team Hey David thanks for your comment, I'm a big fan of Slack too! would love to connect & know more about your workflow on Slack.
Slack from far. I love Figma too as a Designer.
Mayank Mishra
@jacquelinclem hi-5 bro, Slack is the best communication app & Figma 2.0 is by far the best design tool
Ruben Wolff
Discord is quite practical and works pretty well for my team at
Ruben Wolff
@mishra_mayank sure! Very basically, we have different channels for different topics (the same way you would have different channels on Slack I believe), there's a channel to speak with the developers, one to speak with the writers, one with the people in charge of marketing, one to chat about the Football Cup... We have "rooms" so that several people can organize meetings simultaneously, and one of them is called the Lounge, it's for meeting the same as we would on a coffee break. And Discord is quite easy to use, you can easily share links, pictures, videos or gifs... it just feels more natural as a human platform I would say
Jonathan Yan
Hi @mishra_mayank ! I work for a company named oVice and we design and allow users access to customizable virtual spaces for them to make their own. Our goal is to give remote workers that "office feel" by allowing them to interact with their peers within their virtual space in real time to allow for easier teamwork and collaboration! You can check us out at to have a look around and see how it works!