What's your favorite productivity app/tool on SLACK and why you love it?

Mayank Mishra
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SLACK is arguably the most popular collaborative tool globally, its usage has exploded after the COVID due to remote work. Hundreds and thousands of teams use Slack to collaborate with each other. Due to this extraordinary usage, often, Slack becomes overloaded with tons of messages, as a result, teams use some Productivity hacks/tools/apps to keep them on top of their Slack! What all have you tried and what is your favorite tool/hack on SLACK? Why?


robiul haque
Start an instant conference call, Set up simple automations that will save you time, Streamline work with custom integrations, See Google Drive activity and update sharing settings from Slack, Keep an eye on your schedule with Google Calendar, Never forget to follow up on a Slack message, Connect your project management tool to Slack and keep things moving, Fill your open positions faster with Lever, Keep a referenceable, verifiable wiki of important information