Where else do you list your startup? (besides Product Hunt?) 🤔

James Quinn
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Looking for new ideas to get users, receive feedback, and increase exposure! Besides PH, where else do you showcase your product?


Matthew Johnson
Betalist got us a lot of visits and early adopters. We put together a list of other channels if helpful: https://taskablehq.com/blog/chan...
Peter Hagen
@mattcrail Note that Betalist has a wait time of 1 month if you don't pay $200.
Matthew Johnson
@phgn0 the times I've posted there I've just waited the month but if you are in a hurry it could be worth it. We got about 200 sign ups last time we posted.
Devanand Premkumar
@mattcrail @phgn0 I was wondering about your experience on using sites similar to Betalist. Anything you remember or care to share please?
Peter Hagen
@mattcrail @devaonbreaches I payed $100 for Betapage and got 162 clicks, mostly after they sent out the newsletter (it was this listing: https://betapage.co/product/doma...). Didn't try Betalist yet.
Devanand Premkumar
@mattcrail @phgn0 Thank you for the update Peter. Even more curious on hows your conversion rate? $1 per click is super good, unless it doesn't do much on the conversions.
Hwei Oh
https://stackshare.io/ was recommended to me, so we'll be looking to list on this soon. https://www.reddit.com/r/startups/ also has a monthly "share your start-up" submission that you might want to look at. We posted ours last month: https://www.reddit.com/r/startup...
Nazim @Koinju
@hwei_oh super interesting. Do you have any shareable feedback about reddit and stackshare? Maybe a little boost of visibility for your brand ?
James Quinn
@hwei_oh Thanks Hwei! I'll check those out. What was the traction like on reddit?
Hwei Oh
@nazim_m - for Reddit, make sure you post at the start of the month if you're announcing on the "share your start up", as that's when everyone seems to be the most engaged. I'll let you know how Stackshare goes once we list!
Joseph Yang
This is a great question. :)
Tasos Valtinos
Any slack channels where your target users live online, is a good place to share your product. Also fb groups and linkedin. What I would recommend if you are ok with spending 70$ (it worths it) you can use ListHour, those guys submit your startup to 100+ directories and you dont have to do anything, and that should bring you a couple of hundred users.
@tasos_valtinos I've never heard ListHour before, and it looks great to me too! Thanks for sharing! 😃
Tasos Valtinos
@borawork yeah Im actually gonna do that myself next week :) 3 friends of mine did it and they got around 200 users in 10 days, which is great for early stage products right?
Gosia Kieszkowska
You can also post on HackerNews (https://news.ycombinator.com/ ). Just make sure you don't self-promote too much upfront, but rather offer value first and then gently slide in your product/service.
@malgorzata_kieszkowska HN just recently blocked me for this. Means I can access and read news, but can't post anything :/
Popat Lal news
good question i am also looking to list my company names popatlal (https://popatlal.in/ ) .please suggest some one.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
We are listed on BetaList, BetaPage, and Capterra. We often post on Indie Hackers, Reddit, and Dev.to to increase our visibility.
I know this is old-school, but does your hometown/city have a newspaper? Either digital or subscription based? Get with a local reporter and pitch what you are doing as a 'local entrepreneur' feature article. Shake the bushes, pound the street. How much is a billboard along the highway worth to you? Is there local business or industry that would benefit from your product? Get with the local Chamber of Commerce. Not every opportunity for growth is based on the Internet. Good luck!
Fabian Maume
For all: startuptabs.com startupbuffer.com crunchbase.com f6s.com startupproject.org startupstash.com startupranking.com www.startups-list.com 10words.io startupresources.io www.betabound.com For SaaS: https://alternative.me/ https://alternativeto.net/ https://www.g2crowd.com/ https://www.getapp.com/ https://www.saashub.com/ https://stackshare.io/ https://www.goodfirms.co/ You can also join http://lunadio.party/, it is a cool community.
Vlad Ilnitskiy
https://appsumo.com/ can bring huge traffic if your product already monetised
Jack Davis
This is not my list that I put together, but I found it and thought it would be helpful! It contains 121 websites and 13 different subreddits to post in https://github.com/mmccaff/Place...
Yannis Asimakopoulos
Anyone in this thread who's done it for a VERY technical product? I 'm thinking about product/software listing websites targeting primarily developers. My current list would be: Stackshare GetApp Capterra Product Hunt Slant Siftery G2Crowd TrustPilot TrustRadius Crozdesk
Atanas Georgiev
@yannisasimako Amazing list, well done for putting it together! I'd also add Enterprise League to the list. It's a platform to help Startups collaborate with each other and grow
Shanya Tsai
Techcrunch and Angelist.
Md Salehin Khan
indiehackers.com is a great place to list your startup. receive feedback etc
Clair Byrd
Another channel to check out/consider is individual substacks or newsletters. Thoughtleaders.io is a handy place to start!
Richard Fang
I run quite a small substack newsletter promoting a bunch of startups every month. If you want, you can just submit your listing here: https://app.yought.com/responses...
Jayson Cantones
I tried listing in reddit but I just ENJOYED :( the process so far by sending dms to early users :)
@jayson_cantones Are there any sub-reddits you can recommend? :)
Jayson Cantones
@borawork /startup is very good just make sure to explain your startup nicely and dont sound like spamming. also they have this montly startup thread intro. just give a try :D
David Choe
Loving this thread! So much useful stuff, thanks James for asking.
Lexie Taylor
You can get your products and services listed on Situ Live for free: https://www.situlive.com/innovat...