Where do you share ideas and get feedback?

Nova N.
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Hi, I have a problem maybe someone can help me with it. I'm a software developer, and I maintain a solid tech stack (UI/UX isn't great but I'm working on it). I am capable of designing, developing, and deploying an application from start to finish. The difficulty I am having is how to reach users, my distribution stack is poor, very  poor. When I google this problem and watch youtube videos, the solutions do not seem real.  It is essentially getting a bunch of fake people to attract not fake people and spam.  Product Hunt is the only place I've found that looks and feels honest where I've found tech that I'm using on a daily basis.  Do you know of more places like this where I can promote with more idea minded people to get feedback? Thanks for your help.


Ruslan Rayanov
We use this platform https://stackshare.io/, although I can't say that it is very effective
Mukhtar Mohamoud
You need to check out indiehackers.com and post on there for feedback, a really responsive community. Try to search your problem on twitter and respond to people tweeting about the problem, do the same on Linkedin if it's relevant to businesses and employees. Good luck!
Kritika Oberoi
There are some websites that offer to find you folks for user testing, but in general reaching out to people directly can be very useful - LinkedIn is a powerful tool for this
FeedBear could help structure the feedback collection. https://lunadio.party/ could also be a nice place to ask feedbacks
Simon Blok
Find communities with like-minded people. They are willing to help! Try to Google for Slack group, Indie hackers, ProductHunt, etc... Also, if you have a product running live, make sure users can contact you. Twitter/feedback tool/etc.. make it very easy to give you feedback. I use https://www.appzi.com for that. My experience is that you get lots of feedback in short words/sentences. Sometimes useful, sometime not :-)
Joost van Hoof
I've built a product for feedback collection: Freddy Feedback. Regarding getting your product out there: try www.betalist.com. Pretty good exposure if you do a paid listing that's still quite affordable.