Is it really worth it?

Nova N.
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I'm asking all the makers who had some success doing their thing. If you had the opportunity to do it again, would you do it or go to your 9-5 job and do something else like write a book or climb a mountain?


Ankur Mehrotra
I wrote a book a few months ago, was satisfying and hardly anyone buys it. I'd be a maker this time.
Nathan Svirsky
I would 100% do it again but better than the first time. And then again but even better than the last time. And then again but even better than both times before. And then again but even better than all the times before! Gotta love the process!
@nathansvirsky You are now my favorite person on the internet. Not that it should mean anything or be of any value to you in any way. Just thought you should know.
Jeremy Cleverly
Is it worth it? Yes. Is it 10 or 100x more work and hurdles than you could ever imagine when starting out? Absolutely. I'm on my 2nd venture now after successfully exiting a healthcare company I opened and built from the ground up. Despite having built a business before I'm still learning as this current venture is tech-based. All that being said, I'd encourage everyone to strike out at least once on their own, but you can't just give it 25, 35, or've got to give it your all.
John Brown
It's always worth it to have something you can call your own. There's no thrill staying on the safe side. All the learnings and lessons, definitely worth it.
Nova N.
I totally agree :)
Sune B. Thorsen
It can be worth it, yet. Just be careful not to let stress consume you. It happened to me, and it doesn't not lead to a good place. However, I have definitely emerged stronger on the other side of it, and I'm now enjoying creating again. So was it worth it? Yes Did I learn a lot? Yes Would I rather have been without the stress? Of course Would I do it again? Yes, and I am :) But this time, with the proper perspective on things. I love my work, but it should not consume my life.
Nazim @Koinju
I don't regret what I do. When I have doubts, I wonder if I am mostly looking for reasons to continue or reasons to stop. we most often try to find reasons to justify a choice that we have almost already made.
Alexa Vovchenko
To me building a startup is like taking doping. Heart is jumping out of the breasts, you feel like 🤮 from daily amount of work, BUT you know that you're not going to dumb it anymore
Doron Segal
100%! It's the journey nothing else. You must enjoy the journey!
David Tran
I totally hate my first job right after graduated. Why do I have to grind from 9-5 every day in the rest of my life. I took the jump and ran my own startup, also became a freelancer. My life was never the same, I have both money and freedom. Although my startup didn't success but I don't regret it.
John Offenhartz
Favorite quote "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." - Samuel Beckett
Dan Rockwell
Yes but keep yer day job first- until you failed enough to risk it.
Caleb Skinner
There's an enormous payoff in the satisfaction of creating a dream and having the discipline to finish. I'm very glad that I did it. However I'm not sure I'd want to do it again. But doing it once will have a big pay off to me no matter the result.
Amara Pope
I'm currently completing my PhD and have been working full-time .. which has been crazy but writing a thesis is like writing a book. I say it depends on your goals! My book is my passion project and the 9 to 5 continues to be in an area of interest but helps financially support myself. So, I say it depends on your life situation, financial stability, and your personal priorities and values... are you doing it for money, as a passion project, a give-and-take of both?