I need to come up with a good slogan for my app.

Nova N.
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Hey Product Hunt, I am trying to think of a good slogan for my app, which is about creating lists of URLs you can share with others. Something like: Resistance is futile, your bookmarks will be assimilated. Or: Bookmark of the internet. Or: Show your bookmarks that you still care. Any suggestions would be appreciated :)


Serge Zaitsev
Hey! Here's one lousy attempt: * "Links, meant to be shared!" * "There are never enough bookmarks" * "Bookmarks are a uniquely portable magic." -- Stephen King (well, almost)
Saša Starčević
I have an simple idea, maybe it can be: "🎁 Package of Shareable links"
Erika Ferszt
I think you want to go with something that has the user benefit in it. So for me, I navigate the web all day, copy URLS and then just drop them on a document frequently to be forgotten. So if I could have a place that organized them by date or by what I was searching that would almost act as my perfect memory. It would save me time, effort, frustration, and content...so something like your url forget-me-not, or never lose a link again...something like that.
Nova N.
This is very useful. This is a free app, and the software is still in beta. If i ever add some premium features, you'll have it if you want, thanks so much :)
Alex Corcoran
Loose links sink ships, get organized!
Farel Moksi
Love the product idea. I have stared a small review blog on it.