The smartest way to manage feedback from your customers

#3 Product of the DayAugust 28, 2018

💡 FeedBear is a central hub for all feedback from your customers. It saves you time by letting them post their ideas directly or via Intercom.

💬 Not everything needs to be built. Voting and discussions help your team decide what's important.

🤝 Automatic follow-ups delight your customers by keeping them in the loop about your progress.

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What benefits does this have over Canny? You cost the same (and look the same too).
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@highaced Hello Jordan, I don't know Canny that good to to tell you exactly. But we sure are similar. There are many new tools that operate in this area. FeedBear came from a personal need and I thought – why not build this for anybody to use? It's still early to tell how, but I'm sure our customers' specific needs will separate us further down the road.
@highaced @tmvst I can't believe you don't know about them... I mean the UI is exactly the same (your second screenshot)... for anyone interested in this product... just go directly to the real innovators https://canny.io/
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@tmvst @plehoux This is clearly a Canny rip, no doubt about it. But I think that's OK, companies copy each other all the time, and it's usually good for the consumer (that's us). But where I'm struggling here is the identical pricing. If the price is the same, then it's going to come down to quality and value for money. Canny is made by Xooglers so there's an implied level of quality there, they've been around for longer, and it's a more mature product, so I'm struggling to understand why I would choose this over Canny. That's what I meant in my original post. I would typically expect a copy-cat product to be considerably cheaper, like 50%, especially as this type of service is cheap to scale and running costs will be low.
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I run my own product so I decided to give it a shot and integrate FeedBear. I plan to share a link with my customers in the upcoming newsletter so will see if they give me some feedback.


- Super easy to use

- Intercom integration


- I wish there would be some video walkthrough

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I like how you can get it setup in < 60 seconds for your startup hosted on their subdomain. Worth looking at for startups on a budget who can't afford expensive bulky competitors.


Really clean and lightweight. Super intuitive to use


I'd like to have the ability to use my own domain as well.

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Hello Product Hunt! 👋 This is my first project launching here and I'm really excited! The problem: Feedback from customers is essential, but it can be a mess. It comes through many channels. You try to organize it, but it's hard and time-consuming to keep up. The solution: FeedBear provides a central hub for all feedback from your customers. They can post it directly or via handy Intercom integration. Voting and discussions create a collaborative environment and help your team prioritize. When the time comes, you mark ideas with tags indicating your progress. This automatically notifies everyone who voted. Live example: 9Folders use FeedBear to collect feedback on their popular (1M downloads) email app Nine: https://nine-android.feedbear.com/ I'm looking forward to YOUR feedback and comments! And of course, you can always post your ideas here: https://feedback.feedbear.com/ 😉 🙀 Deal alert: First 10 of you who use code PRODUCTHUNT get 20% off FeedBear forever.
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Blatant ripoff of another more mature product with very limited functionality and no advantage whatsoever


canny.io ripoff


canny.io ripoff, limited, expensive

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