What would you like to show on your profiles on Product Hunt?

Julie Chabin
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Hello, Hunters! Currently, your profiles on Product Hunt mainly show what products you have upvoted and don't tell much about you. We'll be updating them soon, and we want them to be better for you. What would you want to add, change or remove? How can we make them useful to you? 👀


A Web3 address will be super useful this year. Anyone with a .eth or .crypto/.nft address can link it directly on their product hunt account.
Jason Cavness
@syswarren I am thinking it would be great if we could include a short bio. Then maybe include our email or some other way for people to reach out to us. I realize this is done on Twitter now.
Michael Silber
@syswarren @jasoncavness What do you want to share about yourself in your bio? What do you want to learn about others from the community?
Jason Cavness
@syswarren @product_at_producthunt I would want mine to say - Jason Cavness is an INFJ retired U.S. Army officer who served for 25 years, to include 8 years as an enlisted member. He is currently CEO/Founder of CavnessHR. CavnessHR delivers HR to U.S. companies with 49 or fewer people through their HR platform along with a HR Business Partner. He hosts The Jason Cavness Experience where he talks to small business owners, founders and other interesting people. His personal motto is “Be Great Every Day” He does his best to add value, help to solve problems daily and to help others become better. He has a Master’s in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma and is SPHR certified. I like the ideas being mentioned for some type of video also.
Mauricio Morales
That sounds nice - some ideas: - Short bio and intro of the current project you are working on - What kind of network or communities are you interested in - Maybe, some list of favorite communities - that could help others discover more communities around specific topics - Are you willing to support other makers? How can you support? (From early beta tester to other roles) - A button to contact the person in case there is match
Julia Markhadaeva
@maomorales +1 to everything that you just listed :)
Julien Lehuraux
Adding a bio would be great. Allow images and eventually one video as well to get a chance to describe what apps you built along the way/what kind of serial entrepreneur you are, without requiring people to dig the "made" tab.
Raph Grieco
Web3 address, nft portfolios
Michael Silber
@braysonware How would you want to search for and then use the verified user data to find potential customers? Are you wanting to build ancillary products to what users currently pay for or is there a different scenario you're thinking about?
Raphael B.
Would be quite relevant to have "your own product(s)" promoted on top of your profile page. Could be your actual company (which can increase your # of hunted product if it is not) or your side projects (wh often start there)
N Chandrasekhar Ramanujan
As a user, I'd like for products I have made to be shown first and foremost. Products that I've upvoted doesn't make sense to me. I see Product Hunt as a way to find people to collaborate with. So maybe like a "Open to Work on Design Projects" type of thing. And also a way to easily contact them! Like a mailto: button
Andrew E
What people are seeking e.g. capital, team members, feedback, etc What people are willing to provide e.g. testing, feedback, advisory board, intros Areas of expertise Areas of interest Exited/Not Exited previously Employment status: FT, PT, freelancer, Looking Favorite productivity tools Favorite building tools
Christian Pezzin
Hi @syswarren , I think the profile as it looks right now is not bad at all. There are links (website, Twitter), it shows the followers, following, things you hunted or made, comments and so on. It's pretty complete I guess. If you are working on something new, let's just wait for the updated version and them maybe we can work on that to improve it a bit, although I think it's gonna be perfect already. :)
Nathan Guo
Would be nice to show which 🧠 mindset/📚methodology/ 👅 product taste / 💈 style has influenced this person. Can be the form of label #hackingGrowth #dataDriven #designSprint #JBTD #hooked #gamification #behavioralScience etc. This can foster a mutual learning atmosphere and knowledge community.
Oleg Stirbu
Honestly, I just like them the way they are 🖤 Maybe a way to verify your identity, mandatory twitter handle or something.
Nima Owji
Maybe verification badges would be useful! And also, a button to send a DM!
Elena Cirera
I would like to add my bio to the profile.