What's your preferred team productivity tool? GANTT Charts/Task Lists/Kanban Boards?

Raunaq Vaisoha
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Is there anything you'd like to see in your preferred productivity tool? Any improvements or new features?


Oly Lotfi
I have been using Notion for quite a while now and it doesn't disappoint. The flexibility it offers is unparalleled. That said I would love to see automations/integrations with other tools. That is very important for any team productivity app.
Raunaq Vaisoha
@omarlotfi that's interesting, What arrangement do you find yourself setting up most frequently in Notion? Also, What automation/integration would make the biggest difference to your team today?
Oly Lotfi
@omarlotfi @raunaqvaisoha I think the wiki style pages and customised Kanban boards (with Notion's custom properties). Integration with Shopfiy, Google Sheets, and GitHub would make a great difference!
Parag B.
I've been using Asana for a while, but your question has now prompted me to take another look and see what else is out there now.
Raunaq Vaisoha
@parag_ayetap What's you most used workflow within Asana?
Kim Johnson
ive used notion, monday, and asana at different points in my career. i think monday is great for bigger teams, but notion and asana are favorites for me. i find asana simpler to use with others for productivity purposes
Raunaq Vaisoha
@kim_j1 Are there any scenarios where your Asana workflow breaks or doesn't lead to the desired productivity outcome?
David Miller
Hey! Honestly, I keep switching between the views. I use Gantt charts to analyze how my projects are progressing and switch to the Kanban board to oversee which task is at which stage of completion. I also use the task list to keep track of the tasks under each project. ProProfs Project - https://www.proprofsproject.com/ is a great tool that helps me stay on top of my deadlines by offering these views in a single place. The tool also allows my team members to collaborate over instant messaging and tasks comments, accelerating project execution and boosting overall productivity.
Pavel Kukhnavets
@raunaqvaisoha I'd say, a Gantt chart is a gold standard team productivity tool for many modern businesses and individuals. It illustrates a schedule and shows the relationships between activities and current schedule status. The diagram is a simple and reliable way to communicate what it will take to deliver a project on time and according to the budget. It ensures that your team and stakeholders will be on the same page from the get-go. You may build a Gantt chart even in Excel, but the most reliable and professional solutions (such as GanttPRO https://ganttpro.com/) will provide you with more features and opportunities.