What experiences do you feel become more exciting once your friends join in?

Raunaq Vaisoha
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For instance, we could watch a movie alone at home, but we still go through the inconvenience of travel and pay a price to go to a movie theatre and watch a movie with friends. I suppose something similar applies to going to a mall with friends versus shopping online. What other experiences do you feel are enhanced with friends tagging along?


Richard Shepherd
Everything is more fun with friends. Holidays, haircuts, going to the library spring to mind. Would it be simpler to list the things that are worse with friends? - Doctor's appointments (it's just a bit private) - Grocery shopping (get in, get it done, get out, bumping into friends at Morrisons is a nightmare) - Jury Duty - Court appearances in general (a real mood killer) - Meetings with your tax advisor - Using the bathroom - Having a clear out and taking your used electrical goods to the recycling centre Basically all the boring life stuff. Otherwise, yea, totally come along for the ride. Parting thought: > we still go through the inconvenience of travel It's about the journey man. :-)
Raunaq Vaisoha
@richardesigns Hahaha, I enjoyed reading your examples. You're right most things are better with friends, I'm trying to find some routine Internet behaviours which could be transformed with a social element. Maybe I need to work a bit more on the question :-P
Richard Shepherd
@richardesigns @raunaqvaisoha Gaming platforms do this well, Steam comes to mind. I wonder about the process of booking a group holiday. My friends and I book skiing once a year, everyone wants to contribute to the details but it's a tricky old process on Whatsapp.
Raunaq Vaisoha
@richardesigns Yeah, I’ve felt the pain of planning something like a trip or even a night out over WhatsApp. Especially for a trip there’s a lot of curation across the group : hotels, flights, tours, rental vehicles etc. Definitely an interesting premise.
Dragos Bulugean
Playing online games or getting a gift for someone
Adam Muller
I really like this question.