What's a problem that you wish there was a product for?

Raunaq Vaisoha
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Mohamed Salad
I buy alot of crap from amazon, and one thing that annoys me is having to assemble everything - I bought a desk for my PC, the self fell off completely because i lost the screws - Bought gaming chair and because I didn't use a the right size tool the damn thing damn near broke my back -Bought a TV Mount, a week later the TV broke. Walmart and other companies offer to assemble the parts for like a $100. That's too much. If someone came and fixed it for like 20$ and a pepsi id be thrilled
Khalid Belghiti
@mohamed_salad That's basically not possible in developed countries as it involves human labor... I grew up in Morocco and delivery + assembly were included in the price and you could just give a 2 to 5$ tip to the guys. But I came to France and had to learn to do it by myself :D You can't pay for 1 or 2 hours of labor 20$ here.
Raunaq Vaisoha
@mohamed_salad @khalid_b Same experience in India. Pretty much all housework, manual labor is outsourced due to the amount of available labor. There's a company called Urban Co. which has done a fantastic job organizing that sector. I think Thumbtack does the same in the US, although I'm sure at a much higher price.
Ramon Mendez
Taking effective but quicker showers. Always hated taking showers. They are soooooo boring.
Teenagers that won't clean their rooms. If you can solve that one, every mother on the planet will tank you.
advait vaidya
Coming up with product ideas. Simply a platform where we can hear streamlined problems of people. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Anishia Gopi
The one hobby which I developed over past few years is gardening.And I know several out there picked up this as hobby during lockdown. Gardening is an acquired skill and experience have definitely taught me , sowing seeds and waiting it to grow and then again waiting it to yield is very tough and requires a lot patience.I would like to see indoor gardening farming models to be commercialized in countries like canada (place I live) and US and other countries where we have over 6 months of winter.Winter is extreme in here and keeping plants(herbs/vegetables) inside majority of times fails in here.And without right temperature and conditions there are chances plants can get spoiled too. I am currently working on the model for this .Would really appreciate feedback from the community? Thanks,
Raunaq Vaisoha
@anishia_gopi That's really interesting, like a community Hydro-Garden. What could you launch as an MVP to find your market?