What's your biggest pain point with eSignature software?

Carsten Pleiser
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HelloSign, DocuSign, AdobeSign & Co. - if you're using any of these products, what's one of your biggest pain points or frustrations?


Dominic Manning
Not getting signatures from my prospects. Ouch... Sometimes I think there's an easier way to reduce the friction than to be sending heavy docs for signature.
Carsten Pleiser
@dominic_manning Thanks for your insights. Are you sending them via email as PDF or what, in your opinion, is the biggest friction point here?
Manoj Ranaweera
I don't. I use PandaDoc free for Volunteer Agreements for www.skilledup.life (free talent for tech startups). I might also try edocr.com's esignature if we can work out how to.
Carsten Pleiser
@manojranaweera Thanks for explaining. Why are you considering edocr or what's "missing" in PandaDoc free in your opinion?
Manoj Ranaweera
@ckpleiser edocr was my last Exit - not had an Exit since 2015. I always support owners who nurture my babies.
Jack Berlin
edocr uses www.ontask.io (sister company both owned by Accusoft). Ontask is a document workflow, forms creation tool with esignature just a part of the document lifecycle, from capture/create, route, efill, esign, share, index to CRM/DMS (like edocr). Accusoft uses it for contracts, HR forms, expenses and sorts of timesavers. I personally use the "Get My Documents" signed workflow all the time. They offer some free monthly use, plus I can get you the 'Manoj said so' discount if you ask. As a small, nimble competitor surrounded by giants we are appreciative of being given a chance, will save you time & money, and we actually give great support. Happy New Year!! -jack (Hopefully no pain points Carsten)
- Being auto subscribed to marketing emails after being sent a document to be signed - Being forced to sign up / subscribe when signing a document sent to you - Not having the option to write and scan in a signature (a few softwares have this that is integrated with your phone and can auto-upload, but making a custom signature with a mouse is a pain, especially if its a document that is important enough you don't want a 'stock font' signature for