[Case Study] How to position your early-stage tech product

Carsten Pleiser
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I just wrote a case study on IndieHackers on how we used April Dunford's 10-step framework to come up with Paperless' initial positioning and thought it may be relevant to some of our fellow PH friends: https://www.indiehackers.com/pos... Hope you'll find this insightful.


Vian Trinh
Interesting read, thanks @ckpleiser! I'm not following strictly 10 steps myself, but the important parts are surely looked into. This framework comes in extremely handy for the MVP phase or even go-to-market plan :)
Carsten Pleiser
@vianingrowth Totally agree. It also allows for speedy execution as you don't need a three-day workshop.
Tsz Hoi Lee
Launching soon!
Great sharing @ckpleiser! Wanted to comment on it but I'm still yet to get a invite code for IndieHackers aahha. Thanks for reposting here
Rucha Joshi
this was a helpful read, thanks for sharing @ckpleiser