I'm creating a Notion resource for SaaS onboarding, what onboarding flows should I dissect?

Carsten Pleiser
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Hey PHs, our biggest challenge over at Paperless.io is product onboarding and activation, so I decided to create a Notion database with everything I learned, plus: - Onboarding Flows - Onboarding Checklists - Onboarding Tools - Onboarding Swipe Files - Onboarding Experiments What SaaS companies should I analyse?


Manoj Ranaweera
What's an onboarding swipe file, Carston?
Carsten Pleiser
@manojranaweera a swipe file is a collection of ideas that I keep in Notion to help you find inspiration for in-app messaging, welcome emails. transactional emails and other ideas from successful SaaS companies. Hope this makes sense?
Michael Silber
These might all provide good studies * Dovetail 2 * Loom * InVision * Notion 2.0
Canva would be an interesting tool to analyze :)
Dafni Chontou
Would love to see Airtable on the list
Abhishek N
I would like to see 'Hackerrank' and 'We Create Problems' on the list