What e-signature tools do you guys use?

Carsten Pleiser
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Getting contracts and paper work signed is kind of crucial these days. How are you getting this job done today?


Amarnath Nagula
I've used Hellosign to sign my job contract :)
Very localized response (as the tool does not have even an English version yet I believe), but several companies I worked with here in South Korea use Modusign (https://www.modusign.co.kr/).
Kirman Smith
I am using special tools and software that helps to make the work easier. I was always considering making a translation business. That is why, I decided to refer Translation business management system https://protemos.com/tms-for-tra... for agencies, which is helping to make this business much productive. Want your company to be more effective? Such an option is an ideal way if you want to operate with a big amount of clients and to manage databases concerning the amount of projects.