What platforms for making community can you recommend?

Julia Doronina
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All we know that Product Hunt is a great platform for sharing our ideas and present products, but maybe you know more options where it will be useful to post info about the startup to get feedback and increase community. And maybe you have some examples of how those platforms helped with your traffic or other metrics. Thanks!


Misha Krunic
Hi, Julia! I agree PH is great, but when working on a new project you want to introduce it to as many people as you can. For that purpose, I've also been active on Indiehackers mostly, but also somewhat on social media (although less frequently than on PH and IH). I'm also thinking about engaging communities on some other, less known, platforms. For example, I've been reading some posts last few days on DEV Community, Hashnode, and Hackernoon. But, my biggest problem is the allocation of time. I just can't seem to justify to myself spending more time than I currently do on these platforms!
Julia Doronina
@price2spy Misha, thank you very much for this wide answer. A piece of very good advice regarding IH, I have tried to make 2 posts there, but need to spend more time and be more active of course. The same problem with the time, you always want to make many things simultaneously and sometimes community building seems like something that takes your time but without a fast effect and you switch to another activity.
Siddhesh Lokare
Not trying to plugin but you can absolutely try Wylo for building like-minded communities. We specialize in it. As Julia also knows, we are launching in the next week. Find us here: https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Stefan Smiljkovic
IndieHackers, MakerPad, NuCode, FaceBook Groups, Kern.al, openmakers.io
Niels Rolland
@stefan_smiljkovic Hi! Do you have a code for me to join IH ?
Stefan Smiljkovic
@nielsrolland I would gladly give, but I have 0. I just realized they changed the registration to invite only.
What is Fiverr
Here are the 7 steps to build your very own on-line network. Become aware of key stakeholders for the web network. Define the FIVERR motive and intention. Select a community platform. Build a member profile. Broaden regulations and norms. Set up your network. Discover key stakeholders for the online community. Sell your community.
Joanna Radecka
Hi Julia! Except for PH and IH, which are already recommended, you should try owler.com, growthhackers.com and betalist.com (the last one works only if your product is in private beta).
Julia Doronina
@joanna_radecka thank you very much, I will check them out all!
Sean Song
Say No is the most difficult thing. How to keep focus. How to deeply think, understand the target user and market, truly focus on 1 mission and 1 task. Saying no to all others. That's very very difficult.