What marketing channels do you use to attract new users?

Julia Doronina
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We are looking for the new ways on how to gain the community and increase the number of new users. Please share what resources, social platforms, apps are the most cool.


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Nowadays, social media is the best channel to attract new users to your product or service. SEO also plays a significant role in attracting new users, but it is a long and continuous process.
Mikita Safronau
@qudsia_ali @tariq_waseem basically when you are using search and your web is ranked like 1-5 position. A social proof factor will take a place and show your potential customers that you are reliable and competent service. Many people are scrolling down advertisements and looking for organic search results. If you are a marketing expert you should not avoid SEO/ASO topics cuz it is the cheapest user acquisition channel.
Ivan Ralic
➜ Closed Communities If we talk growth hacking, then try and locate closed communities where your users are and then deliver them value. Also try and locate the champions of that community and connect with them directly. Talk to them, explain your vision and there's a chance they will help you succeed 🚀 ➜ SEO hacking When it comes to SEO, if there are some articles where you would like having your app listed, try and connect with a person behind that article and ask them to 😄 Example of a good article would be "Top 10 apps for (your niche market)"
Fabian Maume
Quora is still my main focus (using QApop for it). I'm checking LinkedIn discussions about relevant hashtags twice a week. I have a Callender reminder for it. I used this chrome extension to find relevant hashtag. => this is a nice way to connect with micro-influencers. Product hunt discussions are a nice way to gain new users. I'm checking them on a daily basis. I started to be active on Reddit again, but I haven't results to share about it yet.
Joseph Adeyemo
The book Traction by Gino Wickman list the 9 marketing channels, it should be helpful
Depend on your service Saas or app? if you are trying to reach to audience and generate users, then from community POV, work on targeted niche audience and offer value/ reward to use it. Growth hacking approach would be to partner with business and community and offer a"win win" deal to support you grow your audience! One thing, don't commit to several platforms , you will spread thin and achieve nothing, pick 1-2 platforms and focus on them for at least 6 months.
Mario Camús 🤓
Depends on your product At my company, we are trying everything. The idea is to try it all as fast as possible till we find our growth traction channel. The more you try, the more you learn, the more probable you are to succeed ;)
Vaibhav Taneja
I feel like social media channels like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram & Tiktok are the best options. You can try the new features by creating short videos to get a better reach of your content but your content strategy really matters here. LinkedIn promotions and Co-Marketing are the best ways to target niche audiences.
Misha Krunic
Can't say that I've tried it, but I've heard a lot of people mentioning TikTok as a successful marketing channel (of course, depending on what you're building).
Gurpinder Singh
Besides social media marketing, businesses should also invest in podcasts & youtube videos to educate audience and create brand awareness. These may not include talking about your business directly, but you can cover topics related to your industry. Provide something that adds value.
Julia Shandrokha
Social media platforms are definitely the places to find new users. People trust people like themselves and their favourites, so I'd say social media influencers that become a brand's ambassadors attract new users in the best way possible. But it all depends on your product, of course.
Manish Nepal
For B2B SaaS, nothing works better than LinkedIn because of the high concentration of professionals in the platform from the B2B niche. LinkedIn also has the most accurate business contact information compared to any other sales intel platform. And the spectrum of opportunities is very wide: 1. You can use LinkedIn completely for free to level up your social selling, ABM campaigns, or 2. You can leverage LI's expensive but hyper-targeted ads to market your products and services. If you don't want to bank too much on just one platform, a mix of LinkedIn+Twitter can do wonders for your SaaS brand.
Srishty Chaudhary
May I know what is your product/service and what kind of customers you will be serving in?
Yehoshua Zlotogorski
Depending entirely on your product and price point... - I'd recommend taking a look at building in public on Twitter, SEO, targeting relevant folks on LinkedIn or via email lists.
Brian Nutt
I still rely on LinkedIn to create community and generate interest. After that, it's Twitter and then YouTube.
MD Marketing _ Design
Os canais de marketing mais conhecidos e usados são eles: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. No entanto, tem muitos outros como o (LinkedIn) que é muito bom para Marcas, promoção de produtos ou serviços. Twitter - Ótimo para checar blog e notícias de última hora. Cada rede social tem suas prioridades. Reddit - Ótimo para notícias, compartilhar vídeos, tem muitos grupos para interagir e também fazer marketing. Eu utilizo todos esses citados acima. E alguns apps para social media que ajuda muito na criação de conteúdo. → https://www.guiacommarketing.com...
Nicoleta D
Julia, I think that the question is actually "where exactly can I find the users I built the product for?" A list of marketing channels doesn't solve your problem. It's the symptom. But a deeper analysis of who your customer is - that's the right thing to do. Best,
@nicoleta_dascalu "where exactly can I find the users I built the product for?" does that mean that the product is developed then we have to find users (a use)? it's not supposed to be the opposite ?
Nicoleta D
@fares_aktouf Yes. Most entrepreneurs fail not because they can’t build products or market their products, but because they are doing it in the wrong order. Find a person within a specific niche, find out his/her #1 problem and build a solution around it. If you're truly "obsessed" with your customer/user, you will know automatically where to find them.
Inam from Outgrow
Podcast is a must in gaining community & youtube, social media platforms helps in reaching to new users.
Dapeng Ni
Mostly social media and blogging site.
Nicole Ogloza
Youtube and Linkedin (manually reaching out to users) is what has worked for us best. SEO may not actually, interestingly, benefit our business model in the future.
Mike McMinn
It depends on the target market. Leads from social media for B2B is a very hard ROI to achieve, in my view. I'd focus on organic traffic way before social, step 1: research your core commercial intent keywords, step 2: identify related low completion long-tail keywords 3: write content that perfect on-page SEO 4: submit to Google, 5: rinse/repeat. If anyone has got social to work for B2B with an honest ROI I'd love to hear how?