What is your short-term business goal?

Julia Doronina
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Julia Doronina
Here are a few examples of our LeaksID short-term business goals: -Increase traffic on our website in 2 times -Change our tariff plans and offer new functionalities for users -Increase social media posting to three times a week -Find first 2-3 partners for collaboration What about your goals? 🚀🚀
Alexey Shashkov
@julia_demyanchuk Good questions, Julia! Here are a few of our Getlanding.io short-term business goals: -Finish our MVP and launch it -Get the first 50 initial users -Do customer interviews with 20+ initial users –Get feedback from users and extract data for the next iteration -Raise first angel/seed round
Zied Hamdi
I'm concerned about building a community that knows about the product so that they can be as excited as me when I will launch. I'm a complete newbie in community building, so after reading some docs about it, I'm learning by trying
Julia Doronina
@zhamdi Oh, a community is one the most difficult things, I think, so good luck!
Siddhesh Lokare
Here are my top 4 short term goals for this month: - For now, reach POTD #1 on PH as we are launching on 8th Sept. You can subscribe here, btw :D (https://www.producthunt.com/upco...) - Make a few UI/UX changes on the app. - Conduct 10+ online events for the community. - Get feedback from the PH community and replicate.
Patrick Joubert
- a happy team - happy clients - continue to build a great product - more clients - make time with my familly! ;)
i always like to make $1000 in a side per month business online but i trying
Chris Ashby
Currently I'm setting goals quarterly, so in terms of short term (this quarter ending Sept): - 2 new clients for We Are Heroes - 50 newsletter subscribers - 100 Medium followers - Launch 2 products on Product Hunt Keep on working at it everyone!
Vali Lupoaie
getting first 1000 potential users for Ollie App - the new TikTok for travel.