We are looking for the associations 🕵️‍♂️

Julia Doronina
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We are trying to create a visualization for our new pitch deck, and we need to show how 2 different things can combine and create 1 new and productive. So we imagine that it can be 2 different cities that are connected with bridges, it can be 2 parts of one detail, it can be 2 pieces of the puzzle. But maybe you have more associations? We need to show that these 2 are not good separately, that need to unite to create something unique.


MacLain Christie
A couple that come to mind: - a battery + a bike (or skateboard). Battery: useless on its own. Bike: useful but hard work. Together: Electric bike, fast with low effort. - a piece of paper + a pen. Together can make art.
Abhinav Unnam
Two gears to get the power from the source to destination?