What is the first thing you do each morning as you begin your work day?

Brian Nutt
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Eric Gilmore
Coffee is #1 for me. I love that first sip. I think about it the night before. After coffee, I get some solid tunes going. You?
Brian Nutt
@creativautomatc I normally do some reading and general organization to start my day. 30 or so minutes to catch up on industry news, world news and then double check my todo list and any hangover work from the day before. Oh, and I drink waaaay too much coffee during that routine!
Brittany Joiner {Britt the Builder}
Catch up on newsletters and comms on email and slack to ease myself in!
Brian Nutt
@britt_joiner I agree on the newsletter and general news. On Comms- I can't disconnect no matter how hard I try!
Dawn Veltri
Make a list of priorities for the day.
I open my computer, I prepare my workspace, and I'm going to have a coffee and a cigarette
Abraham Samma
Open my TiddlyWiki notebook to plan and execute my day while sipping a hot drink.
Grace Storkle
At the first is to drink coffee and then I plan my day.
Marina Đurić
Have a cup of coffee for sure! ☕️ Then I tune in to LinkedIn and browse for new industry news, organize new contacts through Lead Delta, and make my to-do list for the day.