Does your dev team track time and if so what tools / process do you use?

Brian Nutt
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Ninad Sail
Jira for priority task. Asana & Trello for Sprint.
Brian Nutt
@ninad_sail Thank you. We use Jira for everything at the moment from backlog to sprint planning but struggle with tracking time by our dev group. I'll check out Asana and Trello. We just want a representation of resource allocation ($ and people).
Ninad Sail
@brian_nutt You are most welcome :) Try & let me know, if Asana & Trello works great for you!
Valeria Migova
We use Jira for tracking bugs and Weje for workflow tracking
Brian Nutt
@vmigova thank you! I hadn't heard of Weje. Looks very interesting.
Azeem Topiwala
@vmigova @brian_nutt - How long does it take for you guys to implement and deploy tracking tags on websites? Including custom events and marketing pixels?
Dalibor Houfek
For time tracking, we use a proprietary tool that helps us track internal and customer work (and then automatically generate invoices for customer-specific development). In fact, it's our homework for junior developers when they apply for jobs to create a time tracking tool using our platform and App Builder tool.