Do you have any stand alone products to launch out of your larger SaaS application?

Brian Nutt
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Is this a distraction or revenue opportunity and when would you pursue it?


Adam Casole-Buchanan
No a product from a SaaS, but a SaaS from a marketplace. We launch our saas DeckLinks out of your marketplace Briefbid because we saw a revenue opportunity, and monetizing the marketplace became cumbersome.
Fabian Maume
There is a concept named side product marketing: It can be a really useful acquisition channel, but it usually requires making the stand alone product to be free of charge. We experiemented with it at QApop with our free quora audit tool:
Brian Nutt
@fabian_maume Thanks Fabian. I agree with you on acquisition channel and that is what we are hoping to achieve as well. We are planning to launch a free tool that scrapes the web for brand assets, logos, fonts, video, audio and other assets that can help make content creation easier for designers. It's still in early development and not ready for launch quite yet but you can play with it here if you are interested.