Brittany Joiner {Britt the Builder}

I like to help people build things


Whether it's through no-code, low-code, or straight up code... I love helping people by solving interesting problems through tools! You'll also find me organizing my life - and everything in it - with Trello! I write a weekly how I Trello newsletter, and posting videos on my youtube channel "Brittany Joiner".


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Maker History

  • Trello Tip Generator and Newsletter
    Get the most of out of Trello with these quick tips
    Sep 2022
  • Crmble for Trello
    Making customer relationship management a piece of cake.
    Oct 2020
  • Trello
    The visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project
    Apr 2020
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    Joined Product HuntMarch 21st, 2020