What have you done this week? Any lessons you want to share?

Sharath Kuruganty
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saif khan
Entrepreneur, Bitcoin Enthusiast.
There are plenty of tools out there to grow you just have to find the best ones :)
Paul Korver
Co-Founder building ItList
Wore a lot of hats. Applied for EDGAR with the SEC. Raised $80K more and crossed the half-way point of our pre-seed. Finalized moderated user testing prototypes for CRUD UXR for our Beta users. Onboarded 2 new team members (1 Jr and Dev and 1 Jr UX. Created detailed document analyzing financial and payment metadata along the pay-in / pay-out flow. Learning it's important to breath, enjoy the journey, and focus on the wins :)
Xavier Coiffard
Stop Building, Start Selling!
I coded all the tasks management for https://focusplus.io. I need to build the algorithm to generate the perfect schedule based on mood & priorities and a bit of UI/UX and the MVP is ready!!! The beta should be live next week 🤩
Jon Lawrence
Three-time founder, do-er of things.
Development of new marketing materials, recruiting for marketing; increased beta team signups from 50-60 teams with LinkedIn direct outreach. Designed game logic for two additional platform games.
Abraham Samma
MD, researcher. Working on Oneplaybook
Finally understood SEO, and its power. Courtesy of this tweet: https://twitter.com/_buildd/stat... PS: Oh, and also finally understood how to consistently get at least 1 new follower on twitter everyday. Helps toward building a community.
Abraham Samma
MD, researcher. Working on Oneplaybook
@kirtiraj_parmar Conversations around topics. If you really care about a problem space enough to build or serve it, it becomes easier to build meaningful connections with others around that space. Then they start following you (and maybe you start following them). As you keep doing this, pretty soon you find people looking out for you new content and stuff. It's that simple. It's really the definition of doing something that doesn't scale.
Maxwell Davis
Launching Something Soon 🚀
We have setup our ship and landing pages for CollabClub https://www.producthunt.com/upco... https://www.collabclub.co/ We're trying to launch in the next couple of weeks and that kind of makes it difficult to build a good engaged audience to help with the launch.
Helping recruiters setup 10x interviews
Finally wrote a launch post on LinkedIn for my recruitment screening automation app https://hirevire.com I’ve been building in public on twitter for a while but it’s the first time I’m talking to my LinkedIn connects about my side projects. Felt more personal somehow. Even though it wasn’t. The lesson is - do the work and keep talking about. And no one cares 😅
🟧Anton Surov
#happyeyes #seo #data #careerchange
Let your self rest.
Vanshika Chaturvedi
Content Witch, Writer
I developed a major habit change this week. I do not know how long will I be able to retain this but I hope I never lose this habit. I started keeping my phone at an unreachable distance from my bed before going to sleep every night. I shared my experience on my LinkedIn profile as well. It really helped me with a lot of things: 1. I slept better 2. No more headaches 3. No futile scrolling of social media 4. Bonus: no more snoozing as now I HAVE to get out of bed to shut my alarm
Yaroslava Antipina 🇺🇦
Strategy Officer from Ukraine
1. I've read the book "I'm Afraid Debbie from Marketing Has Left for the Day: How to Use Behavioural Design to Create Change in the Real World" by Morten Münster My key takeaways about people behavior from it: ⚡️ Right now, we want to relax and make simple decisions. At the same time, we have grand ambitions on what we can achieve in the future. ⚡️ Do you want to change someone's behavior? Suggest a more simple solution to the existing one. ⚡️ People are not motivated by values but by the input they've made. ⚡️ Every time, try to exceed the expectations of your clients. 2. The truth about making great products I've realized: there's no insight in the office
Co-founder at Qinaps.com
I spent time discovering the various services by AWS, searching for a Twitter automation bot and launching a LinkedIn campaign
Jason Cavness
CEO/Founder of CavnessHR
We are all busy. Of course, the goal is to be productive and just not busy. But it is important to take breaks to recharge. That will be different for everyone. For me, I try my best to take at least a two hour break once a week where I have a beer with a friend or maybe do something totally random and unrelated to my startup.
Founder at Hoku
When it comes to software development, document everything. I spent too much time trying to remember what I had done months ago
Abraham Samma
MD, researcher. Working on Oneplaybook
@edgar1 That is so true. What do you use to document? We use an awesome portable spa wiki called TiddlyWiki (https://tiddlywiki.com) and we're trying to adapt it into a our knowledge management tool https://oneplaybook.app to make documentation and knowledge management a more enjoyable and accessible experience for many users. Would love to know what you guys think about the reportedly painful problem of documentation in the industry.
Shivi Jalota
An enthusiast for marketing.
Have been reading a book called Chanakya Neeti. and it gives you great information about how you can live your life much easily and happily in a world full of mysteries. PS: also have been creating content on Linkedin and realized the importance of being consistent.
Martina Hackbartt
Changing the way teams work @ ReSkript
Last week I went on vacation (it's summer here in Argentina) and I brought all my stuff to work and study from here. However, the apartment I rented had an awful internet connection, so everything took a lot more time than usual, and meetings were a full mess. It's not the first time that I end up in a situation of not being able to work properly PLUS not enjoying the vacation and time to rest. What I've learnt goes as follows: try to disconnect. Use those free days to reset and come back to work full of energy.
Barbara Ann Mojica
Yesterday plus today equals tomorrow.
I have posted book reviews and parenting advice on my blog. Appeared as a guest on three podcasts scheduled for later viewing. Still busy working on my next children's book, Little Miss HISTORY Travels to MONTICELLO. Check out by website www.LitttleMissHISTORY.com
Evgenia Evseeva
Investor | Crypto trader | SEO for SaaS
Hey, Sharath. Our team was working on the launch of SEO framework for founders of early-stage SaaS startups ( you can it in my link bio)
Shrutika More
Graphic Designer
Hi @5harath so this week I have learned a very small thing but valuable,& it is stop focusing on people and start focusing on your growth, once you start doing that, you see a lot of difference and initially you start growing
Mitko Slavkov
Pushing Projects Forward
This week ... I was away the week before and I learned the importance of making a detailed handover document for the work and meetings that will happen while I'm gone. I made one the Friday before me leave started and it worked great. My team is happy and they've also experienced new responsibilities while I was gone. This seems to have build empathy and work like team building exercise almost. Really recommend making such a doc when you go to chill for week. It also helped with anxiety
Kim Stanfield
Co-founder mydigitalcmo.io
Launched on Product Hunt 👏 updated in-app contextual help and planned for the next product version's enhancements. The lesson, don't hesitate, get involved with communities like this, makes a world of difference when you're largely working solo.