What country is the best for startupers?

Julia Doronina
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There are many places that are comfortable to work in and make business. Which of them do you think are the best to fit all startupers' needs?


Julia Doronina
From my side, I don't know why, but I believe that the USA is a good market with a big amount of potential customers, good networking and facilities for comfortable work. What about you? 😎
Misha Krunic
I wouldn't say "the best" but Serbia has some comparative advantages for startups. Personally, I own Price2Spy 2.0 and recently started working on botmenot.com, and in my experience, the biggest advantage here is a very professional and educated workforce (developers, marketing specialists, etc.) for a reasonable salary (much lower than in the USA).
India Estonia Israel Netherlands Nigeria apart from the usual suspects...
Julia Doronina
@ajeyasriganesh Wow, Nigeria, not so obvious place!
Shrey Gupta
I believe India is one of the fastest emerging countries taking part in startups. And yeah the USA has a good market in terms of customers but after going digital initial setup doesn't matter but the policies of that country matters the most.
Julia Doronina
@sshreeey Yes, I have seen a lot of projects from India recently, it's really cool!
Lalit Tyagi
Depend on your product or service. Quite honest internet has already break the rules and this wall of cities or country is been vanished off.It does not mater now a days. Wherever you sit you can grow your startup anywhere in the world.If you sit in USA if your product is not fit it wont work. Even if you based in Israel or even in third world countries does not matter if your product solves problem you will get your pie of success.
Julia Doronina
@lalit_mrt A very good answer, I like it, and absolutely agree. Thank you for your opinion!
Stephen Inoue
Silicon Valley, Israel, Estonia, NYC, LA, Taipei, & Tokyo. Sorry most of Europe, Africa, South America. That said if you can boot strap it and don't need VC work wherever you want.
Kevin Offret
Not France haha ! I think USA, England or Eastern Europe
Pablo Fatas
The UK has a lot of good schemes for early companies. The US still has to be the best for the network and prozimity to customers alone. I am mostly talking from a tech perspective.
Uku Kudu
Estonia! 🇪🇪 Because we are cheaper than Denmark or the Netherlands 😇