What are some of your fav slack based products?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Peter Trizuliak
I am Peter, indie hacker.
https://www.thisiseffort.io - really nice planning poker for scrum teams. Built by an indiehacker.
Jason Curry
Founder @ Continuum.xyz
I like TadaBot, which I actually found on Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Erbil Yaman
Founder @ teamble
Shameless plug :) https://teamble.com we eat our own dog food to run 1:1s, end of sprint retros, engagement surveys, continuous feedback and performance reviews. Everything you need from a feedback tool and all on Slack!
Michael Daly
Senior Leadership, Technology & Biz Dev
@erbil_yaman That looks very cool. Whats the difference between free and enterprise?
Erbil Yaman
Founder @ teamble
@michaelscloud thank you 🙏 Enterprise tier has performance review tools for HR & People Ops admins as well; so your organization can use teamble as a more official continuous performance management platform on top of the 1:1 and Team Feedback features that are in the Free Plan. Please feel free to ping me if you would like to learn more about it / get a quick demo... (erbil@teamble.com)
Founder at emoji.gg
Also a plug, https://emoji.gg 45,000+ custom emojis for slack
Oleg Poltava
Product Director & CTO in Viewgin
Daily Bot to control team work
Anil Meena
Building Pensil
You should definitely try Poppins, its a great way to make conversation actionable @mishra_mayank
Mayank Mishra
Co-founder Poppins.me Nocoder & UX
@anil_meena21 thanks Anil bhai 🙂🙏
Mayank Mishra
Co-founder Poppins.me Nocoder & UX
@5harath if you folks use Slack at work, would love to onboard you on !Poppins 🙂
robiul haque
I like to searching new product
we should try clack based products in our working cycle.