What are some of your fav slack based products?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Peter Trizuliak
https://www.thisiseffort.io - really nice planning poker for scrum teams. Built by an indiehacker.
Jason Curry
I like TadaBot, which I actually found on Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Erbil Yaman
Shameless plug :) https://teamble.com we eat our own dog food to run 1:1s, end of sprint retros, engagement surveys, continuous feedback and performance reviews. Everything you need from a feedback tool and all on Slack!
Michael Daly
@erbil_yaman That looks very cool. Whats the difference between free and enterprise?
Erbil Yaman
@michaelscloud thank you 🙏 Enterprise tier has performance review tools for HR & People Ops admins as well; so your organization can use teamble as a more official continuous performance management platform on top of the 1:1 and Team Feedback features that are in the Free Plan. Please feel free to ping me if you would like to learn more about it / get a quick demo... (erbil@teamble.com)
Also a plug, https://emoji.gg 45,000+ custom emojis for slack
Oleg Poltava
Daily Bot to control team work
Anil Meena
You should definitely try Poppins, its a great way to make conversation actionable @mishra_mayank
robiul haque
we should try clack based products in our working cycle.
Uday Patel
Try our our tool it actually works like chatGpt. Store your conversation so you never have to repeat yourself, Google integration so AI bot can schedule meetings and reminders straight from slack. Plus you can play games with AI bot Its more than Chatgpt in slack check out askmiku.com. Your feedback will be appreciated.