Uday Patel

Uday Patel

Hi, I am the co-founder of askmiku.com
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Check out AI assistant in slack. With advance capability of continuing the conversation context(Ditto like Chatgpt). Save conversation and pickup from where you left no need to keep feeding information to the bot. Additionally we have integrated Google with our AI bot so now you can schedule meeting and reminder with just few words. Talk and work. Askmiku.com check out and give it a try.


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  • TweetBoostr
    Automate your tweets, Amplify your reach
    Feb 2023
  • AskMiku
    Not your regular Chatgpt in slack, Its much more
    Feb 2023
  • Automated content creation Guide
    Automated content creation Guide
    Save time and money just follow this steps to create content
    Jan 2023
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