Tell me 3 reasons why I should buy MacBook PRO?

Alena Shikova
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All of my friends and acquaintances are obsessed with Apple tech. But what's about other brands such as Dell, Huawei and others. Why Mac?


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Better performance , Longer battery life, Brighter display and many interesting reasons.
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@robiul_haque better performance? What's about ASUS, MSI, Xiomi. Isn't it a reason they are more powerful that gamers usually use them instead of Mac?
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@alena_shikova If you're looking to play games you should definitely opt for a windows laptop, I personally like Macs because of MacOS! It's just so good and smooth, plus there are a lot of softwares/apps exclusive for macs (iMovie, Final Cut Pro etc) which make me want to stay here!
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Less time spent on updates, better parts = longer lifetime, better native software
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Apple is known for being overpriced primarily because of the parts being provided vs the price of product, so performance is not better. While Apple displays are excellent, Dell XPS displays are known to be the leading ones. So they're not necessarily the best at display or performance. My argument for why it's worth buying? The user experience. Switching between programs using just three fingers is a breeze. Using the trackpad is incredibly smooth. The OS being made for the specific hardware allows for a lot of great user flows that does not exist in other laptops.
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M1 Chip. Crazy fast, 20 hr battery life, doesn't get hot in your lap: It can't be beat.
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Thank you so much for your suggestions. Because of the huge number of devices available, deciding which MacBook is ideal for you might be tough. Depending on your requirements, one type may offer more benefits than the other. Overall, all Apple products are wonderful in their own right, so it doesn't matter which model you get as long as it suits your needs. You can find additional info about the best macbook for students here. Also, before purchasing this model, try reading more Apple-related websites to have a better understanding of how this model operates. Whether you're looking for a MacBook laptop for high school or college on Amazon or other sites, the machines mentioned above may be the greatest MacBooks for you.
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Do I need to turn off my MacBook every night to improve its performance and clean up RAM? Some people I know suggest doing this, but there is no official confirmation from Apple.
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Because a lot of people argue on this issue. After all, if you put the macbook in hibernation mode, the RAM is cleared anyway. But not completely. If you're afraid, turn it off.
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I sometimes need quick access to my macbook, so I don't always turn it off. That's why I have this question, should I turn off the macbook at night or not? Nothing will happen to it if I do not turn it off.
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I don't turn my MacBook off every night only put it in hibernation mode. Because turning it off doesn't make your MacBook run faster. If you want to speed it up and optimize your applications, you are better off using separate software. I use CleanMyMac. If you doubt my words, here is an article about shutdowns at night. It describes in detail how shutting down your MacBook at night affects it.