Which is better, the 24-hour clock, or the 12-hour am/pm clock?

Alena Shikova
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Guys, I need your help! Recently, I've come up with the question on the convenient time format (24-hour or 12-hour am/pm). I know this varies in different countries, but do most people understand each format? Which is more convenient and which one you would use in your day-t0-day apps? Thanks in advance for your answers!


Your question sounds too important to be answered based on what few people think (small sample size). I'd try to find if someone made a study about it. And then consider your target audiance. That said, the 12 hour clock usually takes less congintive effort for me to decypher, aside from rare occasions. The 24 one becomes more cryptic from 14:00 to 22:00.
Alena Shikova
@nidal_ghonaim thanks a lot for your explanation, and I totally agree that my question requires way more people to make a conclusion!
Jaskiran Kaur
I think 12 hour clock is much more convenient and anyone can read it easily.
Alena Shikova
@jaskiran_kaur yeah, it's really true that everyone understands it. So if setting up one of your apps, you would choose 12-hour clock, right?
Hi, you should go for a 24h format, it's universal, for instance AM/PM wont be understood by non English speakers (for instance french or arabic)
Robert Brandon
24 hour clock, always aim for the universal format!
Alena Shikova
@robert_brandon yeah, but when we talk about product placement for a specific region, we need to tend to their convenience
Suraj Anjaana
24 hours clock because there are not any duplicacy and can understand easily without am or pm.
Manish Rawat
I prefer the 12-hour format simply because that is the format I have been using since I was a kid.
Manish Rawat
@alena_shikova ya I can. What about you which one do u prefer?
Althaf KR
It depend of what you are used to I guess. I prefer the standard 12hr clock
Lilian Max
I prefer 24-hour clock.
Alena Shikova
@lilian_nyar_okus any reasons? Or this's just a matter of personal taste?)
Natalie Karakina
24 hour clock ))))))))))))) I'm always confused about am/pm
Tobias Gray
I think 12 hour am/pm. You're much less likely to have someone complain about subtracting the 12 to convert it. While some people do that instinctively some do not however with 12 hour am/pm I would say most can read it at a glance despite some people potentially having a preference the other way.
Rakuba Mumu
12 hour clock.it's easy to understand
Alena Shikova
@rakuba_mumu Never got confused when the alarm clock didn't show you "am/pm" but only figures?
Kim Lining
24 hour clock obviously
Avi Chanda
Of course 24 hour-clock
Justine Davis
24 hour clock is used more broadly workwide