Guys, what are 3 things you pay your attention to when upvoting a product on Product Hunt?

Alena Shikova
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I would like to know your criteria when giving upvotes. What are the must-to-have-points of a product you look at or maybe that's the matter of taste? For instance, I firstly look at the usefulness of a product for the society, at the visual and text content...


David J. Kim
It can be as simple as "am I interested in this product?" And that's something you'll know after watching their video and reading their post.
Alena Shikova
@between_team this way it's too subjective. You may like the product even if you're not into that but you realize it can be useful for others....
Jim Zhou
I definitely can't imagine ever making the presumption that something I feel can be generalized to the scale of society at large. My rules generally are a) if it's something I can use, b) if it's something I wish I came up with, c) if it's something I can't personally use but also can't believe that it didn't exist before, or d) if I literally laughed out loud while reading it. The tl;dr version I suppose is "utility, envy, ingenuity, hilarity".