How to increase productivity and stop being distracted from work all the time?

Alena Shikova
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Guys, please, share with me the 3 best ways to increase your efficiency at work and start getting the expected results!


Sujeet Singh
Work in shorter sprints. Divide work in mini sub-projects. If you have a habit of changing context every 15-20 min, then make sure that you are finishing at least one mini sub-project before changing context.
Alena Shikova
@sujeet_singh1 thanks! But isn't it the same? Even if you have these sub-projects, you are still in the middle of everything - jumping from one to another...
Sujeet Singh
@alena_shikova even if you are jumping from one to another, you are ensuring to finish a portion of your work target, thus increasing productivity.
Matthew Johnson
My top three tips: 1. Use a timer - lots of people do Pomodoro, but I found 25 mins of work and 5 mins of break to be too short. Now I do 52 mins of work, followed by 17 min breaks and it works really well for me. 2. Use the breaks to change context and scenery - get up, walk around, clear your head, get your blood going 3. Plan your day - what are the 5-10 priorities you have for a given day I wrote up what works for me here if helpful
Alena Shikova
@mattcrail Wow, it sounds reasonable and effective indeed. I've heard of this Pomodoro system, I guess I should try it!
Tyler Dane
1. prioritize the most important thing 2. focus on the input (spending focused, intentional time on a task) rather than the output (the task's progress 3. get enough sleep
1. Put my phone on mute 2. Follow the two-minute rule 3. Stop multi-tasking
Jaskiran Kaur
1. You can try peak productivity technique. 2. You can try to-do lists, in which you have to cut the work you have, this way you will feel satisfaction while cutting of the work you have. 3. Write down how many hours you have wasted, in this ways, you will start becoming more alert and productive for you work. 4. You can try Pomodoro technique, in this you have to concentrate for 25 min and rest for 5 min. This way productivity will increase. It is generally used in studying but I think, it is helpful in work too.
Ron Oren
I recommend to read "Getting Things Done", very useful book and easy to implement.
For me I always work for 25 minutes and take a break for 5 minutes and repeat this for 3 hours to take 15 min break. It has helped me allot to manage my all my tasks. By the end of the day I feel relief and satisfied. The more you organize your tasks, more less overwhelming and clarity in thinking gets....
Ahmadullah Junaeid
1.Sleep muting my phone. 2. Walking in fresh weather 3. Spending time in real life with my family
Pallavi Jaisinghani
The tool intoSpace is created as a distraction-free minimalistic work collaboration tool to minimize distraction & maximize productivity.