Tell about your experience and goals in 1 sentence 🚀

Julia Demyanchuk
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Qudsia Ali
My goal is to launch Bravo and make it a number 1 Product on Product Hunt. This is the link to our upcoming page. Please share your feedback.
Imtiyaz -
Short-term goal - Acquire the first 100 paying customers to
Utku Uzun
There are always so many things to learn!
Evgeniy Yakubovskiy
The official release of our chatbot builder and launch on PH
Dow Osage, MBA
I started at entry level and worked my way up, old-school style, to Director but then went to get an MBA after which I hope to see VP & C-suite, eventually. (It's probably a run-on sentence, but at least I played the game! Thanks for a playful question. :)