Team building activities for remote teams

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Hi everyone! There are a lot of information about tools for team building. But most of them are not applicable for remote teams. Do you have an experience of working with remote teams? What do you you think are the best ways for online team building?


Anil Meena
I would suggest Thursday 👏 @nishith_shah care to shed some light
Viacheslav Derzhaev
@nishith_shah @anil_meena21 Was my first thought as well) Guys, you've found your product-market fit!
Nishith from True Sparrow
Thanks @anil_meena21 for the mention. @daryakhmetova What specific challenges are you facing when it comes to team building for remote teams? The main challenge that I came across this summer myself as well as talking to a number of remote leaders was that while remote was working out well in near term as far as productivity was concerned, all communication had become very transactional - just on a need basis. People have no form of connection except with a handful of team members that they regularly work with. I hear that they don't have a sense of belonging - and that indirectly affects the culture. That's why I started as a side project for my own team - to bring back random conversations within the team, to break out of the zoom fatigue, to just chill with my team and have fun. It has worked well for our team as well as a number of other teams. :) That said, team building is not just about making connections, playing games and having fun, and there would be a number of other approaches and things that you could explore besides what we are doing at Thursday.
@anil_meena21 @nishith_shah you created a great project! Thank you a lot for sharing! I just faced the problem you described when teammates do not have a sense of belonging! But i will definitely try Thursday!
Michael Silber
We have done some great trivia with Offsyte. We also use Gather Town and get into some pretty competitive games of pictionary