What are your favourite tools for document editing?

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Hello everone! I get used to Google docs for document editing especially for a collaborative one. But it is really slow when a lot of people working on the same document. Now I use ReSkript for editing my documents as it is handy and allows to collaborate with the team. What are your favourite tools for document editing and collaboration? Why do you like them?


Brittany Joiner {Britt the Builder}
I'm a big fan of Gdocs! Never had issues with too many folks, and pretty much everyone is familiar with it so no need to learn a new tool.
Solomon Bush
Here are my favorite ones: GoogleDocs - Legal & business GoogleSheets - Finances VSCode & Markdown - Technical Docs DrawIO - Diagrams & Markups NotionIO - Everything else :)
Srishty Chaudhary
I haven't heard about any other tool except for Google Doc. Thanks for mentioning this new tool. I will surely try it some day for my work.
Talia Bender
Google Docs always! Grammarly for editing -- you can install the Grammarly plugin for chrome and it works great.
Яна Саковская
Google Docs and Google Sheets most of the time.
Vaibhav Taneja
I generally use google docs, but to create a creative document, I prefer using canva sometimes- it has a lot of great templates to make your document look more presentable.
@vaibhav_taneja Yes, when I need to create a project for my studies, I also use Canva to make it look good
Marilyn Rios
My favorite ones: 1. GoogleDocs 2. GoogleSheets 3. Grammarly
Iya Mendoza
My team uses Google Docs as it's handy, and technically, it's everybody's docu-friend hehe. But I haven't heard of ReSkript yet, I might need to check it out. Thanks for the reco as well!
GoogleDocs always, and are very satisfied
Nicole Ogloza
Dropbox just launched a new document editing feature that's collaborative across teams!!! I like testing new things, so this tool was pretty fun and intuitive!