How to successfully multitask?

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Hey hunters! I have plenty of various tasks now as I am a 4th-year student and I also work in two different places. And it has become really difficult to manage them all. Do you think that multitasking could be effective or focusing on one task is better? What could you recommend to deal with many tasks at the same time?


Vanshika Chaturvedi
Hey! I would like to elaborate upon what multitasking is for me: I'm a 2nd year student and I know how crazy can work get sometimes. For me multitasking is what I do in a DAY and not in a MOMENT! To put it simply: though, I may be taking care of 20 different things in a day, I focus on only one thing at a time and then move on to the next one. Pro tip: Make a to-do list and a done list! Happy Multitasking!
Martina Hackbartt
@vanshika_chaturvedi I 100% agree with this! Doing several things at a time can be messy, and at the end of the day it can bring bad results. For me there are no secret recipes: just writing down all of the things you need to get done in a period of time. And then each day, write all of the ones you'll get done that day. Some people schedule times in a calendar for each of those, but it's not very useful for me since I find myself more productive when I do the tasks I feel more like doing in the moment.
kevin levin
The only multitasking I can do is washing dishes and listening to Joe Rogan's podcast. I personally can't multitask and it's hard for me to understand how others can do things simultaneously with a single attention.
@kevin009 Ha-ha, yeah, it can be really difficult
Matthew Johnson
It's almost certainly better to focus on one task at a time. The science is pretty clear that multitasking slows the brain down When you have a lot on your plate, working across multiple contexts, then planning and prioritizing is key to staying focused, and not getting overwhelmed. My suggestions are to centralize all your tasks in one place. Critical to this is having a system that every task goes into. That way you can get things out of your head, and down on paper to come back to later. I'd also try to have a weekly plan. Check your backlog of tasks, and try to make a plan for what you want to work on each day. This lets you get things out of your backlog, and into a plan for how you will approach the week. This reduces the overwhelming feeling of having too much on your plate. Next, each morning recalibrate your task list. Do you have too much to do today? Trim down to only your top priorities. Do you not have enough to do? Bring forward some tasks from future days, and get them done early. Another trick to try is timeblocking. Actually schedule tasks into your calendar, and stick to it. Timeblocking helps you hold yourself accountable, and stay focused on the current priority because you've set yourself a deadline. It also helps you avoid spending too much time on any given task. I've wrote a blog on this if helpful
@mattcrail Wow! Thank you a lot! It is really helpful!
Matthew Johnson
@daryakhmetova no problem. It actually inspired me to write another blog post
10 essential tips to help you multitask : 1. Set yourself realistic goals 2. Give yourself enough time to complete your goals 3. Write lists 4. Prioritise your tasks 5. Plan your week day-by-day 6. Group tasks together where possible 7. Work at a steady pace 8. Avoid distractions 9. Allow yourself regular breaks 10. Remain focused Read more at :
@tina_sabri Sounds great! I will definetely try these steps! Thank you a lot!
Valeria Migova
I’d recommend a tool which helps you manage your tasks in easy way and organize every detail. Weje is my favorite one, for example)
@vmigova Thanks! I will try this tool!
Mahak from Outgrow
Though focusing on one task at a time is better but if you have so much in hand right now then multitasking seems the only option. You can set priorities every day using a scheduler so that after completing any task, it will get you some feelings of being productive. Otherwise, multitasking is kinda overwhelming sometimes. But above all don't forget to take breaks in between, Eat healthy and relax well.
@mahak Yeah, it can be tough but still having some rest is important. Thank you a lot for advice!