Recommend some tools for a new product idea...

Chris Ashby
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Hey everyone! I'm looking for some tool/platform suggestions. I'm playing around with the idea of building a product that scrapes and then analyses imagery found on social network sites (dribbble for example), tags the imagery based on its contents using machine learning, and then stores that data in a database that can be accessed with a chatbot. I have an idea of some tools I can use for parts of this: - Dialogflow for the chatbot component - Something like or for the image tagging/ML component (this may be overkill? are there alternatives?) - for the frontend, database and payment gateway - No idea what to use to scrape data/imagery Any suggestions would be hugely helpful! Thanks in advance.


Fabian Maume
Founder of
Phantombuster or Apify could be used for the webscraping logic.
Germanas Latvaitis
Head of product at day and dev at night
If you are looking for a visual scraper (select components with a browser extension, save, automate, extract) then I think this would fit you
linda lee
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