Founders & makers - what skill or competency do you value most in a design service?

Chris Ashby
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A quick poll to gauge the relative value in different skills and competencies offered by design services. This is to help me evolve and grow my design agency We Are Heroes ( Which do you value most?
Alignment with your business/product objectives
Strategic input
Executing design briefs to a high quality
Executing design briefs quickly
Data-driven decision making
Rigorous design process


Business Analyst in Leamington Spa UK.
Ooph this was a tough one - Hard to decide between: Data driven decision making and strategic input 🤔 Whereas, I feel like the others are a given I would expect from any decent design agency. In the end decided to vote for data driven...
Bryce Murray
I like to build cool things.
I'm finding alignment is crucial. A company's values/objectives are difficult to capture and having to rework designs takes a lot of valuable time. Aligning these important concepts on the front end of a project removes the headache at end of the project.
linda lee
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