What are the biggest design hurdles for early stage startups?

Chris Ashby
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Hey all! I'm new to Product Hunt, and in the process of gearing up to launch my new business after leaving full time employment. I wondered, for those of you who have launched startups and businesses, successful or not, what was the biggest hurdle to overcome concerning design? Was it finding staff? Understanding how design could have an impact? Finding the right agency? I'd love to hear your thoughts πŸ™


David J. Kim
Learning it. Even before you outsource/hire you have to know at least some basics about design.
Chris Ashby
@between_team Interesting point. That knowing what good design looks like is actually a precursor to choosing an agency or hiring the right people. How do you judge what is good or bad enough to be able to make a choice?
Stefan Morris
@between_team @chrisashby To develop your "design eye", you need exposure. Grab some design magazines, books and visit design inspiration websites. Also learn some basic design concepts - there are lots of free articles on the web. Visit award websites. This is not something that can be done in a day, it will probably take you a few weeks/months to really gain that "design eye" but if you expose yourself to professional design long enough it will become natural. At that point, you can then start picking out your favs and maybe investigate "why" they are your favorites - look for the design concepts and styles that speak to you.
Dwayne Charrington
More often than not, one of the biggest design hurdles is not knowing who you are designing the website for. The services and products you offer also define the targeted audience. So, start by understanding your user/buyer personas using different tools like surveys. Once you do that and have a team of designers. Start implementing surveys in your prototypes and send them to some test users which represent your target audience and get their feedback. Try to make this process an iterative one. Tools such as @qualaroo allow you to embed surveys in your prototypes, so it’s worth checking out. This way, you will be able to design a customer-friendly UI.
Sarah Ladonna
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Shahid Maqsood
There are several design hurdles that early stage startups may face: Lack of resources: Early stage startups often have limited resources, including budget and time, which can make it difficult to invest in design efforts. Limited design experience: Startup founders may not have a background in design, which can make it challenging to understand the design process and effectively communicate their vision to designers. Prioritizing design: It can be difficult for startups to prioritize design, especially when there are so many other pressing tasks and concerns. Balancing aesthetics and functionality: Startups may struggle with finding the right balance between making a product that is visually appealing and functional for the user. User research: It can be challenging for startups to conduct thorough user research, especially if they have a limited user base or are in the early stages of product development. Iterating on designs: It can be difficult for startups to iterate on their designs, especially if they have limited resources and time. Overall, the biggest design hurdles for early stage startups are often related to limited resources and limited design experience, and finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. If you like my answer please check my website Dot Cinker