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Apify is an open web scraping and automation platform, where you can find dozens of ready-made data extraction and automation tools, build new tools using our popular open-source SDK, or order an affordable turn-key solution from certified developers.
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Writing this review based on my short test drive of the product. Being a growth marketer I think we will use this tool to collect data about our prospects at scale. Pros: - Many possibilities of automating processes and scraping - Great integration options - Helpful documentation, resources and blogs Cons: - Maybe it can be made a bit more easier for non-tech marketers
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Hey Product Hunt and thanks to @katmanalac for hunting us! Jan, Jakub and the Apify team here, it’s great to be back! We’ve come a long way since we first launched here as Apifier in 2015. We’ve grown from two guys in a small house in Mountain View into a company of 30 amazing people on a mission to make the web more programmable. And as our product has changed completely since the first launch, it’s about time we brought Apify to you again. Apify is a web scraping and robotic process automation (RPA) platform that lets you extract structured data from any website and automate any workflow on the web. Apify can help eliminate time-consuming and repetitive tasks that you or your employees perform manually in a web browser. Further, it can help you get the data you need to improve your products, marketing, sales, and business decisions. Here’s what you can do with Apify: 🔍 Browse ready-made web scraping and web RPA tools published by our community and use them in your projects in just a few clicks. ➡️ https://apify.com/store 🧑🏿‍💻 Haven’t found the right tool? If you’re a developer, you can build your own scrapers, crawlers, or robots using our popular open-source SDK and extensive documentation. ➡️ https://sdk.apify.com/ 🛒 Alternatively, you can order an affordable turn-key web scraping or RPA solution from certified external developers. Simply submit your project and wait for the offers to roll in. ➡️ https://apify.com/marketplace 🏢 You can also request a complete end-to-end solution for any scale from Apify experts and partners. ➡️ https://apify.com/enterprise We’d love to get your feedback and we’ll be around to answer any questions! As a thank you, we’ve prepared a special offer - a 20% discount for the first 6 months. To take advantage of this offer, enter the following promo code when subscribing: PRODUCT_HUNT_SPECIAL
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Happy Apify user here! I'm using it to automate LinkedIn connection requests to people who sign up for @salesflare by searching their LinkedIn profile in Google through Apify. Works like a charm! ❤️
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@jeroen_corthout It's great to see such a web automation flow on Apify. Btw, haven't you considered to publish your actor at Apify store?
@jakubbalada I'm using the Google Search Results Scraper actor if I'm not mistaken. Super handy! Here it is: https://apify.com/apify/google-s...
As far as I see you can scrape almost everything with the support of the SDK and platform. Really liked the idea. Great job guys!
I am a happy Apify customer (Not affiliated with Apify). Apify is a robust and easy to use platform for data scraping. We have migrated all of our scraping tasks from AWS Lambda to Apify. Apify is a time saver. Give it a try! Improvement: simplify the pricing model. The "Actor compute units" can be complicated to understand and to measure at first.
@therasmus79 Thank you for your kind words! We're working on a new billing system that should make the pricing much simpler. It will be ready soon.