Dapeng Ni
23 replies
What are the things you usually do to be more productive?


Andrew C.
I have an expresso and then get thinking.
Dapeng Ni
Wow! We can never really underestimate the power of coffee. :)
Halena Bob
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Thomas Filmer
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Talia Bender
For me, it was first determining in which part of the day I worked best. I found this to be the morning, which meant I needed to structure my day around this fact. If I went to sleep early, I could wake up early and have more time to work in the morning.
Dapeng Ni
@taliambender I agree with this! Figuring out the best time when we can focus and work is effective.
Srishty Chaudhary
I take walk or read some book to refresh my mind. (reading is best part because I love it)
Dapeng Ni
@srishty_chaudhary , that's a nice habit! Sometimes we really have to refresh our minds.
@srishty_chaudhary @dapeng_ni refresh our minds instead of pushing harder :)
Cathy Patalas
to do list, if something is not on it, it's not getting done
Ana Dodig
I like to have a to-do list, not just for daily, even for weekly tasks and commitments. It keeps me focused and productive. Also I like to have 10 minute exercise around noon & lunch always in same time.
Manish Nepal
1. Turn my phone upside down 2. Find a "flow state" playlist on Spotify to get me in the zone 3. Take deep breathes when I'm not able to think through clearly
Marcella Harris
Putting on my headphone with or without music. It helps me get in the zone almost instantly.
Dapeng Ni
wow, that's unique! Thank you for responding, btw.
Tetiana Nikolaieva
I listen to lounge music to concentrate. And I use Yaware Time Tracker. It motivates me to be more productive
Acad Robert
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