Need feedback for our new website!

Samir Moussa
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Hey folks, Hoping to get some feedback on a site redesign. Be critical and tell me if you "get it" within the first 30 seconds. - Do you understand what we do? - Who do you think the product is for? - Which parts are confusing? - Is there anything missing? What do you struggle to understand? Does it sell?


Paul Korver
Hi Samir... Like the site design. Looks great! Messaging needs work IMO... - Do you understand what we do? Not exactly but seems like you make the finance part of being a founder easier? Is it a payroll tool? Does it facilitate paying remote teams internationally? I'm a non CFO, US-based founder and don't find this space too troubling... have been able to pay remote teams both in foreign currency and Bitcoin (if they wish). - Who do you think the product is for? Founders without CFO's? - Which parts are confusing? What does "Pay 10x less than your bank" mean? I found that confusing. The problem you're solving isn't clear to me... or comes across as too general (I feel like I have to LEARN what you think my problem is by deep diving into your material) - Is there anything missing? Maybe more concise / pointed messaging around what the problem is that rebank solves.
Samir Moussa
@paulkorver Absolutely great feedback. Thanks Paul. Yes this is something we have been debating internally between "benefit-driven" language and "just tell me what you do" language. Ideally we want to capture both in our messaging as it's not clear yet. Will take everything on board and iterate!
Nikita Kukreja
Hey, I must say I didn't "get it" within the first 30 seconds. Its the first bit of copy that is perhaps not clear (Btw, it might be that its clear and I just didn't get it :P) The whole of the first page doesn't seem to make it clear what you guys do. Once I go on the features page, its definitely clearer!
Samir Moussa
@kukreja_nikita Thanks for the feedback Nikita! It's definitely not you — if you don't get it straight away then we have some work to do. The reason we moved the "useful" info to the features page is to avoid the "so what?" question by having it on the landing page.
👋 I agree with @kukreja_nikita! I did not get it within the first 30 seconds. When I navigated to the features page, it made more sense to me. I think the copy and the illustrations on your landing page are confusing b/c it paints a picture a little too vaguely. It provides/sells the benefits Rebank will give me without the how. I think this makes it confusing to understand what Rebank does. Additionally, as a customer, I'm more interested in seeing the actual product versus concept illustrations - b/c the product is actually what I'll be interfacing with! I did understand who the product is for, I think - my answer is for other founders who want help organizing their finances...? Hope that helps! Let me know if there is anything I can clarify!
Samir Moussa
@allison_mui Thanks Allison, really valid points. I'm seeing a pattern in the comments and we need to move toward educational copy, as well as benefits. We're trying to evoke emotion initially but it doesn't seem to work. You're correct, it is for founders to streamline their finance tasks.
Maxwell Davis
For me it wasn't immediately obvious I could scroll on the homepage - especially as a first time visitor with the cookie notification
Meng Wee Tan
Some kind of finance admin app
David Babins
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Ben Cotte
Hey Samir, I made a short Verbal Roasting for your landing here: you can click on the emojis to listen to how I felt during this landing skim through. TLDL (too long did not listen ^^): the UI is really great, and I am sure that if I'd taken a bit more time to explore the other tabs or watched the videos, I'd understand way better what you are offering. I feel that it could be clearer from quickly skimming through the landing (which might be the behaviour of unqualified visitors). Hope this helps! Cheers,
Samir Moussa
@ben_cotte Great feedback Benoit. Really like the voice approach you took. We're currently working on illustrations to accompany the copy, but resources are thin right now. We have some work to do to make visitors "get it" straight away. All very good points and will add them in to the next iteration.
Jenny Sahng
Overall, I think the problem statement needs to be clearer. The problem that this product solves is the pain of having to do finance-related functions in a bunch of different places (payments in banks, keeping track of bills in emails/CRM/etc., cash flows & budgets in spreadsheets). My first impression from the hero image & text is, "Oh so this will basically mean no more spreadsheets, just all my cash flows and balance sheets etc. in one place" When I get to "Pay bills and salaries across the globe with zero delays" -> "oh wow, is this also a payment system? That would be pretty huge if they were trying to tackle both international payments _and_ and financial management platform" By the time I got to the bottom, I changed from thinking it's more about accounting & juggling budgets to a platform that handles expense payments all from one place. The final tagline saying "You don't need to switch banks" really concretes this for me. Going into the "features" page, now I'm really getting the whole "never log into your 5 different bank accounts ever again" vibe. Love the illustrations and the subtle colour scheme <3
Samir Moussa
@jenny_sahng Valuable comments Jenny, thanks. We will do a better job of highlighting the pains earlier, but also trying to avoid starting off with negativity! We do indeed tackle both payments and financial management — of course undersold on the website. Consistent messaging is a problem I feel but you've definitely got the gist. Took too long maybe. We will iterate!
Jenny Sahng
@samir_moussa Nice, I think you're almost there! It's tricky trying not to start off negatively though. Very cool platform, all the best! 🔄🔄🔄
- Do you understand what we do? Sort of - Who do you think the product is for? Founders - Which parts are confusing? How will you help them extend runway? This wasn't super clear - Is there anything missing? Simplify the landing page is my main takeaway.
Yaniv Hadad
Hi, in general, very nice website! - Do you understand what we do? Managing all the finance aspects for a (small) company - Who do you think the product is for? CEO of small startups - Which parts are confusing? Pricing page, hard to understand what is going on there... - Is there anything missing? Nothing that I can tell from a few minutes test
Omkar aJagunde
Hey Samir, very nice design and ui i must say, great job, coming back to the headline i found it little misleading as "Put payments on autopilot" at initial glance i thought about automatically paying my regular monthly bills and not receiving money, maybe smthing like - Hassle-less sending and receiving payments keep up the good work, Thanks for posting