⭐ What's the one problem your startup is facing right now?

Samir Moussa
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Hey hunters! Building a startup is hard. Having a community to reach out to for help is incredibly valuable. Name the one problem stopping your startup from growing right now, and let's see if we can help!


Nicole Ogloza
growth hacking to get users. A LOTTTT of manual work. Anything to help automate it? FREE tools preferably
Samir Moussa
@nicole_ogloza Preach! We're experiencing the same issue ourselves. I would say you're not doing it wrong. 90% of your growth experiments will fail, so there's little value in automating right now. Any growth strategies worth automating will automate themselves in the form of growth loops. Think long-term strategies like SEO, Referrals, Community development, etc. and mix in some manual one-offs like viral content, product launches, etc.
Nicole Ogloza
@samir_moussa what have you done for viral content?
Samir Moussa
@nicole_ogloza We're following Traction (https://www.goodreads.com/book/s...) and jumping between channels, as we're still learning ourselves. We are yet to plan viral content, but hopefully soon. 🀞🏼
David Gerecht
@nicole_ogloza I agree, its very tough out there.
Paul VanZandt
I appreciate the thread Samie - we're struggling with gaining free users and trying to convert our first paying customers. There obviously isn't a quick fix for this but any advice is appreciated!
Arsen Misakyan
Bringing in power users is definitely a struggle for us. Do you have a good mechanism for community building? And what platforms do you use?