How do you exchange currencies?

Samir Moussa
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👋🏼 Hey gang. Would love your answers to these if you've ever done any foreign exchange for personal or business use: 1. For what reasons do you exchange money? 2. Which sites/apps do you use to check the exchange rate and make the exchange? 3. How exactly do you check you're getting the best deal/rate? 4. What's your biggest struggle or concern when exchanging money?


1) Usually to prop up my bank balance back home in the UK where I still have some expenditure (earning in Singapore) 2) Usually take advantage of the promotional rates my gives once a quarter 3) Usually check the spot rate via google 4) Sign-up process is usually very irritating for other services....
Karl Hennings
Lately I rarely use currency exchangers. Since all my savings are in cryptocurrency. I only use crypto exchanges where I can exchange my coins for real money. But I would advise you not to rush to do it, because soon cryptocurrency will be legalized in the whole progressive world. You will be able to buy up in a store, for Bitcoin for example. That's cool. The last thing I learned from the world of cryptocurrency is what exchanges there are. I turned my attention to the DEX exchange after reading this article. I found a lot of interesting things for me.