Marketing Agencies for startups

Chelsea Randall
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Hey everyone! Curious if anyone has had a good experience with digital marketing agencies to help grow your business, or can recommend any for startups? We've had some great sales calls with a few firms, but they all say the same things. It's hard to know which one will be the right fit. We've done some marketing ourselves, but I think we're ready to bring in the professionals!


Sreekanth PM
I don't have personal exp with marketing agency. Most of the marketing agencies outputs are non measurable. if you are targeting b2b , i had come across something that provides quantitative output. they set meetings with prospects and charge based on meetings/leads.
Fabian Maume
Disclaimer : I'm running a marketing agency: I would say it depends a lot on the situation. Marketing agencies are more expensive than hiring your own marketing team, but it can usually deliver results faster. Marketing agencies can also give you access to some specialist that you could not afford otherwise. Marketing agencies can also be used for experimentation. If you are not sure of a channel's potential, it is better to hire a specialised agency to test out this channel, rather than build an internal team for it. However I would recommend you always keep your CMO in-house. It is better to keep somebody in house to manage the strategy and prioritise what to test out.
Chelsea Randall
Thanks for the feedback! What about just startup consulting in general. A broader approach instead of just marketing specifically?
Ubani Danvers
@chels hey there Chelsea! Now, in terms of consluting, it's simply fix, in what they deliever. but for me who is a part of a small agency that give marketing services, we are targeting startups for helping them grow and to be push. In the growing market of startups we want to be for them. Branding only works if they associations are valuable.
Alexandre Contador
Hey Chelsea, I worked with agencies and created my own recently and either that way I advise that you work your brand position by yourself or with a growth advisor in order to gather the specifics to build the strategy. Agency could come next if you want a push.
I do agree with @alexdigitalmkt as a startup it's better to own your brand and identity in the early day, working with an agency can be 1/ Deceptive if it fails, you are frustrated after wasting precious resources, 2/ Limiting: if it works and gives good results you'll have a hard time when you want to take back the lead, as you will be lacking practice and data... It better to start small, copy your audience style and habits in your messaging (speak their language that might be yours as well), and analyze your data, iterate, adapt, etc. Hiring a consultant (with a proven track record) can be good to sharpen your initial strategy, but not to manage it on your behalf, good luck and if you want to cut some costs on social media management and automation we are launching Lyfpit today with a free upgrade to PH community :)
Sarah Sheikh
Although I'm not having office but working for some of the Clients like ( ) as freelancer. Working as a Freelancer gives you opportunity to get your work done plus learning & improving one's skill. Digital Marketing is going to be the future as online businesses are growing. We can discuss it further if you are interested in Going forward, also I have a team of Very talented Professionals of Digital Media which can help us with their experience
Daniel Johnson
I am very biased but this is literally what we do at We Scale Startups:
Michael Hood
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