It was 2 nervous months and we finally launched today! Need your support!

Julia Doronina
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I with my team just launched LeaksID on Product Hunt: It took 2 months to prepare, make a new video, create images, write a concept, build a community and get acquainted with all of you! We hope that you like our final PH page! And I can say that PH community is super cool! Thank you all!!!🚀🚀🚀


Oliver Kraftman
Hey Julia. Amazing work. I've upvoted... good luck with everything!
Oliver Kraftman
@julia_demyanchuk I'm at the start of this 2 month journey. Any tips?
Julia Doronina
@oliver_kraftman many! I will prepare a list with tips soon and share if you need :)
Daniel Baum
Great job Julia!!! So excited for you and the team
Julia Doronina
@daniel_baum thank you very much! I really appreciate your support!
Monil Shah
This is really cool! Thanks for sharing. Good luck on the launch, y'all seem to be doing great :-) If you're looking for a customer journey analytics platform, feel free to give us a shot, we have a free tier too:
Derek Duban
Congratulations! It looks like a much needed product.
Congrats Julia! Looked like a successful launch! Excited to see where you take it from here
Youri Nelson
Really like your product, the technology also seems very interesting, definitely super curious as to how you are able to link a doc to a recipient. Very cool.
Julia Doronina
@youreka Thank you very much for your feedback! We will really appreciate it if you can try our solution and after share your thoughts!