I just turned 30 and I have a question.

Nick Freiling
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Imagine you could do your 20s over again. What's ONE THING you'd do differently? (Only answer if you're 30+)


Nick Freiling
I'd simply have been more patient with myself. It's amazing how little my startup has evolved since I launched in 2016 -- so much time and brainstorming spent trying to "optimize" every little thing, but resulting in very little actual change. The initial ideas was a good one, and it's what my clients like best. I wish I'd just been more patient, trusted the process, and invested my excess energy into something more creative, or something else entirely.
Tobias Gray
I would probably take more time learning non tech skills like marketing or design. I enjoy programming and have gotten pretty good at making robust products but always struggle finding ways to get it in front of people.
Audrey Rampon
@tobiasgray and I would have probably taken more time to learn pure tech skills 😂
Tobias Gray
@audrey_rampon haha what a perfect reply. Never too late to learn something new, or if we're lucky finding the right team that complement each others skills.
Emma Phượng Nguyễn
I would not change anything. I am always trying to be in the present as much as possible. No waste time to live in regret.