I launched r/ProductMarketFit. Any tips on growing a subreddit?

Nick Freiling
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I launched r/ProductMarketFit a few months ago. Got 70 members from my Twitter network, and I've shared it with a few other communities. Any other ideas to boost engagement and, in particular, encourage high-quality contributions?


I've noticed subReddits work best when there are clear instructions on how to post. Other than that, just setting the vibe yourself and posting non-stop frankly. I'm part of so many maker communities and subRs for getting product feedback. But I can't say any of them seemed like a good place to get feedback from. I'm better off just posting here or on IndieHackers, gets far better engagement. If you can convince your community to offer feedback, that's key. Hope this helps!
Andrew E
Unfortunately, the best way is by reaching out one at a time to people on Reddit and blogging about it with a link to it. If you can post something great somewhere popular, and keep a link to the subreddit on your profile, people may follow you over.