I like to KISS, but is this page just too bare?

Nick Freiling
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Yesterday, I launched Sincerely, Me here on Product Hunt. I launched a similar tool here last year, and hit #2 for the day. Huge! That turned into a nice side-gig, with a steady stream of users and some buzz across the internet. But this new product, which I think is much better, didn't do so hot. Part of me wonders if it's actually just too lean. I like to KISS (keep it simple, stupid). I'm a fan of streamlined design and cutting out all unnecessary copy and features. I've done that here -- the entire tool, FAQs, and payment page is all on one white page. In particular, I wonder if the site lacks enough of a "prompt" to entice visitors to try it out. I think potential use cases are forthcoming, but do visitors still need some help deciding exactly how to use Sincerely, Me? Should I add more copy? More images? Is the tool itself easy to understand? Thanks in advance for any feedback!


Nick Freiling
(For reference, here's the product's PH page: https://www.producthunt.com/post...)
Ruben Wolff
While I also like simple landing pages, I see this one as a bit empty. White main elements on a slightly darker white, but also lacks of representation of what the letter will look like. I do think it is a good idea to let the possibility to the visitor of writing their letter from the landing page (keeps the bounce rate at its minimum), but I'd either show a picture or a video of the sealed and the opened letter, either at the very top or at the bottom of the page (at least before the payment method).
Tyler Dane
The design is nice, but I agree that the site could be better. Some suggestions: - Wait to collect their payment info. Gives me anxiety to see it on the landing page. Put it in a dialog or another page - Move some of the FAQs up. Everyone is gonna wanna know how it works, so don't make them sift through a FAQ - Add some story-telling copy (doesn't have to be long). What's the problem? What's at stake? What's your plan? What does success look like? - Use the copy from your PH launch, that summarizes it nicely without violating KISS