I like to KISS, but is this page just too bare?

Nick Freiling
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Yesterday, I launched Sincerely, Me here on Product Hunt. I launched a similar tool here last year, and hit #2 for the day. Huge! That turned into a nice side-gig, with a steady stream of users and some buzz across the internet. But this new product, which I think is much better, didn't do so hot. Part of me wonders if it's actually just too lean. I like to KISS (keep it simple, stupid). I'm a fan of streamlined design and cutting out all unnecessary copy and features. I've done that here -- the entire tool, FAQs, and payment page is all on one white page. In particular, I wonder if the site lacks enough of a "prompt" to entice visitors to try it out. I think potential use cases are forthcoming, but do visitors still need some help deciding exactly how to use Sincerely, Me? Should I add more copy? More images? Is the tool itself easy to understand? Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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(For reference, here's the product's PH page: https://www.producthunt.com/post...)
While I also like simple landing pages, I see this one as a bit empty. White main elements on a slightly darker white, but also lacks of representation of what the letter will look like. I do think it is a good idea to let the possibility to the visitor of writing their letter from the landing page (keeps the bounce rate at its minimum), but I'd either show a picture or a video of the sealed and the opened letter, either at the very top or at the bottom of the page (at least before the payment method).
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The design is nice, but I agree that the site could be better. Some suggestions: - Wait to collect their payment info. Gives me anxiety to see it on the landing page. Put it in a dialog or another page - Move some of the FAQs up. Everyone is gonna wanna know how it works, so don't make them sift through a FAQ - Add some story-telling copy (doesn't have to be long). What's the problem? What's at stake? What's your plan? What does success look like? - Use the copy from your PH launch, that summarizes it nicely without violating KISS