Is this too personal to share here?

Nick Freiling
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"Is this too personal to share online?" If you're trying to build an audience, the answer to that question is almost always NO. The best influencers are popular because they are honest, raw, and authentic. They push the boundaries, and don't let unspoken rules tell them what and how to share. They use platforms in creative ways, and often in ways NOT how they were intended to be used. They are the people who used Facebook in 2010 to grow their e-commerce brand. Or who used YouTube in 2014 to vlog all the intimate details of their personal life. Or who use LinkedIn today to share deeply personal (not just professional) content. If you don't feel at least a little bit uncomfortable clicking "Post," then you're doing it wrong.


Misha Krunic
Good points and an interesting perspective. I would add that it's good to go about it with tact and a measured approach, so you don't go over the board with it. But, yeah, I agree. Have a good day!